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Recipe for Summer - mamehmeemomoo
June 12th, 2007
11:14 pm


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Recipe for Summer
Picnic table
Patio chairs

Grilled chicken breasts with Dinosaur BBQ Sauce
Marinated & grilled Portobello mushroom caps
Steamed little potatoes
Vegetarian baked beans (Bush’s)
Chunky August Salad (my own recipe)

Hard cider
Iced tea


Big trays
Plates, flatware, glasses, platters, etc.
Napkins, hot mats, etc.
Margarine, salt, pepper, etc.

Scrub the picnic table and chairs. Check the grill fuel tank (& refill if necessary). Go to Wegman’s & buy the groceries. Peel, chop, marinate, mix, grill. Load the trays, carry them out and set the picnic table. Load the trays again, carry them out and spread out the food. Call the neighbors. Enjoy, enjoy.

We’ve had plenty of warm weather but have been very slow in getting into summer mode this year. Finally, tonight we were there

Current Mood: Pleasantly relaxed

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Date:June 13th, 2007 06:17 am (UTC)
This sounds lovely! Say hi to the neighbors for me, and I hope they'll be up for another picnic in a couple weeks. :-)
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