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Inch by inch... - mamehmeemomoo
November 12th, 2005
11:18 pm


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Inch by inch...
Inch by inch, row by row,
Got to make this garden grow.
All I need is a rake and hoe
And a piece of fertile ground...
-- Garden Song
by Dave Mallet

Somewhat unexpectedly, I found myself home alone for the weekend (which is ok). But I thought, I should plan something for this evening. The cheap solution would be a video from the library, or for a bit more, a rental. But feeling a bit more social, I browsed the Weekend section and found a folk concert, a fellow named Dave Mallet (sponsored by Heartland Concerts). I listened to the samples on his website, then bought a ticket on line with a plan to spend the difference on one of the homemade dessert offerings.

Imagine my surprise to discover him to be the author of the above song. It is a favorite of the lower school children at my daughters' beloved former school, an essential part of the annual pageant! It was a great evening. I bought a CD. Umm, and the Welsh Cake was very tasty (see Recipes).

Current Mood: delighted
Current Music: Dave Mallett: Here We Go

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Date:November 13th, 2005 05:20 am (UTC)

we are made of dreams and bones

Wow. I was skeptical - I was sure that was Pete Seeger - until I checked my Rise Up Singing. And sure enough...

I love Peter, Paul and Mary's version. Do you know it? I could send it to you.

And my very favorite line is the one above.
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